We are a group of do-gooders, adventurers, and big dreamers. We believe that healing through yoga, peer support, mindfulness, nutrition, and holistic lifestyle choices can make all the difference on the road to health, healing, and recovery.

Our diverse range of expertise includes a growing selection of health and body-centered awareness approaches, including group and individual yoga sessions, peer-support, parent peer-support, life-style mentoring, mental health support peer mentoring, and nutritional counseling.

We focus on balancing the integral trifecta of the Body, Mind and Spirit as an approach to attaining a healthier life. We currently serve individuals on the CCS program through St. Croix county, and the Western Region Consortium (RWC). We take a creative and holistic approach through yoga, mindfulness, meditation, peer support, mental health support, and more. We are a creative team of individuals and tailor each service to the service recipients needs.

Our team is unique in that we travel and provide services in the comfort of our client's homes. If the home setting is not an option, we can also make arrangement to meet in a public setting. We provide services for both adults and children. We are passionate about what we do and we love seeing progress and using our unique skill sets to provide others with the tools for recovery and hope for an inspired and meaningful life.

With these ever-changing times due to COVID-19, we also have safety plans in place for meeting our people for in-person meetings, as well as providing safe distance meetings through Zoom and tele-health sessions.

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