Anjelica Kinney

Yoga Instructor

Home Base: River Falls, WI

Willing to travel up to 45 min from home base.

Service arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery


I have been teaching yoga for four years. I am a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. I also have my level 2 Reiki Healer Certification and am an aspiring Art Therapist. I came to Yoga during my first year at college and found that I was able to heal parts of myself that I didn’t even know were hurting. Yoga is an art of bringing the mind, body, and being together. There are many paths to the same end and I feel this is how one should view their practice. There are many ways to move on the mat and practice mindfulness. My goal is to meet everyone where they are at and find the path that best suits them in the given moment. As an instructor I strive to be genuine and human in my encounters while instructing and sharing space with students. Yoga is a Journey through the self and isn’t free from obstacles and discomfort- however growth happens in healthy relationships and I aim to empower my students through their yoga practice and Journey.

My life has not been free from trauma and my own experiences and healing is what has led me to be so deeply moved by what Yoga has to offer us. Previously I have worked as a domestic abuse and sexual assault advocate. Empowering people through everyday to life changing circumstances is something what I feel called to do on and off the mat.

In my free time I love cooking meals that make my body feel good, hiking, hula hooping, and creating ceramic art. I am a college student preparing for graduate school and a Midwest Native. Most of my free time is truthfully spent with my dog in nature. Whether I am living life on or off the mat I am always striving to see the silver lining and work to build a better version of myself so that collectively we can build a more equitable world.

My mission as a Yoga Instructor is to help facilitate the idea that healing and wellness is tangible for anyone and one can start living the life they are seeking in any given moment. I truthfully believe that the physical practice of yoga, the breathwork, and practice of mindfulness can aide anyone in the art of becoming who they really want to be. We are all in this together and what better way to practice yoga than in a supportive and positive environment.



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