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Bob Fisk


Mentor-Youth and Adult

Home Base: Marine on St. Croix

Willing to travel up to 60 min from home base.

Service arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery


Bob has a BA degree from the University of Minnesota - Duluth where he studied Philosophy and Psychology. He has worked in Mental Health and Wellness for over 15 years and has a passion for helping people come alive.


Bob has been a musician and an artist for over 30 years and shares his knowledge about creative expression and other personal development practices in workshops and private sessions around the Twin Cities area. He especially enjoys working with instruments where people can quickly learn to play and explore without needing to spend years becoming technically proficient. His experience has demonstrated that working with these instruments gives individuals access to start working with subconscious barriers that keep us from freely expressing ourselves in our lives.


He also uses his same experience as a painter, sculptor, potter, and general creative artist to work with his clients in other modalities that they might have an affinity for. Through participating in the act of creative expression, individuals often come to find a new understanding of who they are and how they are showing up in the world. Clients report developing a deeper understanding of patterns and habits of personality and character that they have adopted in response to experiences earlier in life. Many times, people will come to understand that they have outgrown some of these patterns and will free themselves from feeling stagnant so that they can continue on their path developing into truly feeling authentic.


As an adjunct, Bob also works with some somatic techniques that include Breathwork, Yoga, strength and posture training, nutrition, and more. His caring and insightful nature come through in his ability to listen and truly see people. When his clients experience a reprieve from the busy mind and the other patterns that are no longer serving them they start feeling a greater sense of wholeness and purpose in life.


When he is not working with people, Bob enjoys spending time with his 2 young kids and always gets plenty of time in nature to appreciate simplicity and wonder.



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