Teresa Kruger

Yoga and Meditation

Home Base: Menomonie, WI

Willing to travel up to one hour from home base.

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery

I have been teaching yoga for 8 years. I’m a 200 hour certified Hatha Yoga/Meditation instructor.  I also hold a 20 hour certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and am currently working toward a 60 hour Yoga Calm, kids yoga certification. My original 200 hours of training took place in Rishikesh, India, “The Yoga Capital of the World.” I love what I do and I’m always striving to be a better teacher through learning as much as I can about my discipline.

One of my goals and missions in life is help others heal through the practice of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Through yoga, I’ve found peace, strength and the tools to work on deep healing in my life. Yoga has helped both my physical and mental health, empowering me to be comfortable in my own skin, in my own mind, and in my own life.

I have personal experience with domestic abuse, substance abuse, and mental health challenges. I am the adult child of an alcoholic and have been able to overcome my own substance use challenges. I’ve also had a lifelong journey of healing the wounds of domestic abuse related to myself and the people closest to me, and know firsthand the challenges of mental health, having lived these experiences. I’ve had a wonderful life, but also a life laden with definite hardships and I can relate to most people on most any level because of that. I know that the road to recovery is non-linear and is as unique as each individual.

In my free time I enjoy travelling and have visited several different countries. I also love spending time outdoors, hiking, walking and running. I’m a huge fan of the arts and love painting, writing, photography, drawing, singing, and dancing. I am also a single mom and enjoy spending as much time as possible with my almost-4-year old watching him grow and learn.

My goal in providing yoga in the CCS program is to help inspire and empower individuals to live their best lives. I know that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices can be a key component in being able to do this. I also know that change, growth, and wellness are possible for everyone.

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