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Romera McDavid


Youth and Adult Mentor

Home Base: Inver Grove Heights, MN

Willing to travel up to 90 minutes from home base.

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery

Specializing in: Youth/Adolescent development and independent skills, motivation, time management, financial literacy, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, Wellbeing Regulation.

Romera has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and associates degree in Human service and Liberal arts. I have been working in the human/social services field for about 11 years, ranging from pediatric health care services, youth counseling and crisis intervention , adult corrections/rehabilitation, and child welfare. I am currently a social worker working in Early Intervention with Ramsey County. In this work I act as a trainer, training other social workers and other child protection worker on how to acknowledge safety within the family, creating alliances with families, and how to design safety for children in the home. I also facilitate what it is called Family Group Decision  Making Meetings. The meetings are conducted between families and agency to create safety plans, reunifications plan for children to reunite with families and also develop plans for permanency for children.

My Goal is to connect with the youth to encourage and help them identify their purpose and goals. I would also like to guide the youth with defeating any challenges they are facing during their self-discovery and help create a toolbox designed for that youth individually that they can utilize in the long run to maintain their wellness. I have been motivated to work with youth due to the beauty in seeing growth and development in my previous work with youth.

I enjoy sports of all kinds and is open to trying new sports, Science, nature walks, traveling, yoga, journaling, music, dancing, movies, anime characters, arts and crafts, food.  I enjoy spending time with my daughter and family and friends, my favorite subject is history and learning about different cultures and beliefs (judgment free), last I enjoy life everyday no matter the season or weather!

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