Brooke Bond

Nutrition Coach

Home Base: Menomonie, WI

Can travel up to one hour from home base,

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery

My goal is to give everyone an opportunity to learn how to eat, shop and grow using nutrient-dense foods while promoting lifestyle changes that will lead to healthy living. I am a Graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Stout, studying Human Nutritional Sciences. I have my ServSafe certificate and will have my Bachelors of Science in Dietetics May 2018.


I have struggled with an eating disorder and with the media’s image of what the body "should" look like. I have difficulty with self-acceptance and trying to uphold the media's presentation of an ideal body image. I overcame my eating disorder and my fear of how the world views me by getting to know myself and realizing how I can use knowledge to overcome fear. One of the main reasons I went into the dietetics profession was to help individuals, just like me, realize food should not be feared. Once I realized food is not something to fear, but a tool to use to fuel your body, I became more accepting of myself and how the world sees me. I would like the opportunity to help others see that food should not be feared and can be used as a powerful tool to help build a healthy body and healthy mind. 


I look forward to helping individuals through nutrition coaching by always prioritizing my clients needs and by having an open ear and mind. I enjoy providing nutrition education through a comfortable setting to ensure the greatest outcome. My focus areas include food safety, shopping on a budget, healthy substitutions while keeping flavor and nutrition options while living with chronic diseases. I can offer a wide range of assistance on any of the above listed focus areas and am excited to start this journey with you. 

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