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Christa Zimmerman


Christa Zimmerman-Mentor

Home Base: Eau Claire, WI

Willing to travel up to 90 minutes from home base, potentially farther based on case load.

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery



Christa has worked as a mentor for both youth and adult clients for well over 8 years. She has a strong desire to help people achieve their goals and assist in their journeys. While earning her master’s and bachelor’s degrees, Christa met people of all backgrounds, which helps her relate to and understand others.


Her wide range of interests helps find common ground and build strong relationships with clients. Christa likes to help foster creative endeavors – painting, drawing, writing, music, crafts, etc. as they are effective ways for a client to express themselves, grow as a creator and human being, and to find joy and peace. Connecting with nature is another way that Christa has found to be a beneficial part of a holistic approach to wellbeing.


Christa understands the various pressures that LGBTQAI+ people and other cultures deal with in their daily lives, and finds ways to help others cope with and overcome these obstacles. She draws from her own experiences to help others navigate society and learn about their own self/identity to help them grow and work towards their goals.

Everyone is a unique individual and Christa ensures that each person has uniquely crafted experience working towards their goals on their own journey in life.


In her spare time, Christa enjoys spending time with her cats, being in nature, doing cosplay, playing basketball, gaming, cooking, and creating.

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