Maddi Herzfeld-Yoga, Speech Language Coach, Sign Language

Home Base: Eau Claire, WI

Serves in Chippewa Country

Travels up to 60 miles

Service Arrays: Wellness Management, Individual Skills Management, Creating Art, ASL Certificate, Reiki Level 1 


I’m Maddi - a vibrant, out-going, fun-seeking yoga teacher! 


I stumbled upon yoga in 2017 when I was given the opportunity to work a front desk job at The Yoga Room in Eau Claire. I had never practiced yoga before but  thought, “Why not try it?!” as I have always been very quick to jump in and try new things. I fell in love with yoga right away. The physical challenge, increased strength, flexibility, and movement with ease has greatly improved my life. Most importantly, it was a new way that I could express myself and feel more positively centered. Yoga taught me to turn inward by moving my body and using my breath. This built confidence in myself, giving me the tools to control my personal, physical, and emotional environment. That’s when I decided I wanted to share this feeling with others and attend yoga school! I wanted others to find freedom of movement in their body and calm their mind by using breathing techniques. I feel like I have  acquired tools to teach others to be their true self, just like yoga had done for me. 


Along with my passion for yoga, I absolutely love animals, especially dogs. I recently just rescued a new black lab puppy named Louie! I enjoy snuggling him, teaching him tricks, and taking him for long walks down by the Chippewa River. Even before I met Louie, I have always loved spending my time outside, whether it is soaking up the sun, rollerblading, potting and tending to my plants, or hanging out near any body of water that I can swim in. Being in nature, breathing fresh air, and moving my body helps me feel more connected to myself. Whenever I start to feel anxious or upset I grab my phone, put on my favorite songs or podcasts, leash up Louie, and we are out the door to get some of that fresh air!


Another hobby of mine is painting and creating multi-media collages. I love to paint rocks, portraits of people’s pets, and flowers. I am currently working on painting daisies on the fence in my backyard. Like yoga, I use art in a way to express myself. I have always thought adding paint, sparkles, gems, or feathers to something adds a unique touch. I even decorate my own look by putting feathers in my hair and dying it crazy bright colors!


My intentions in sharing and teaching the tools of yoga, as well as creating art, is to bring a sense of confidence, freedom, and peace to the mind. I truly believe that when we focus our energy into positive outlets such as movement of the body, practicing breathing techniques, and creating art to express our feelings, positive energy will return back to us. 

Maddi Herzfeld

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