Glenda Klint

Glenda Klint-Wellness Coach, Parent Peer Support, and Individual Skills

Homebase: Boyceville, WI

Flexible with travel time

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management


“It is no wonder that people confuse creativity and madness; creativity takes us to the brink, and it can be terrifying, yet awesome (awe-ful?) view”. (Charles, 2001, p. 257).

I am not a counselor; I am an educator and coach. I have formal education and training (Phd) in many aspects of psychology, a brief summary including mind/body interactions, individual context, tests and assessment, diversity, body psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, developmental psychology, narrative therapy, depth psychology, existential psychology, integrative psychology, social psychology, positive psychology, neuroscience, research and mindfulness, to name a few of the topics. Determinism verses free choice, pessimism verses optimism, causality (past) verses teleology (future), conscious verses unconscious, biological verses social, and uniqueness verses similarity are aspects of every psychological/spiritual theory and application.

I am a survivor, being human. Sometimes Fibromyalgia/Chronic fatigue is called Myalgia Encephalitis, so I call it my ME disease. I have lived through divorce, failure, fibro, family dysfunction and substance abuse, to name a few of my own personal shadows; and most deeply, an agonizing journey of the roller-coaster drug addiction battled by both my children. Hope and faith prevail.

My battle plan led me to the intellectual journey of obtaining a PhD.  My dissertation was a quest to understand the mind and body, psychology and spirituality.  This rational, intellectual journey provided a map through the territory I was traveling and continue to travel. Although my emotions have not always been satisfied by the rational, I found a passion that guides me and keeps me grounded.  The dedication in my 326 page (yikes) dissertation includes an anonymous quote I found that reflects at least part of my passion and motivation that fueled the long road of a PhD with “a worried mother does better research than the FBI”.  My emotional journey is better reflected in my “ME” poem:


Jesus, not with words, but with actions. Religion vs spirituality. Frozen energy. Buried under concrete. Too late. No me. Pulled apart. Surreal. Self-hatred. Overwhelmed. How have I somehow arrived at a place opposite the place of my intentions? No more energy. Fighting not to give up. ANGER. But also spontaneous flow. Presencing. Life and creativity. Thought to action. In and part of the world, not defined and limited by it. LOVE. Self-care. Me boundaries.


My hope in peer support is in facilitating transitions and developing a new life story while accepting and facing current circumstances. Promoting empowerment and personalized adaptation strategies that promote positive identity tools.  Every person has not only a dark shadow but also a wisdom within. Contemplation can be as simple as meditating on a goal in order to begin actions toward the goal from the inside with motivations of hope and joy verses an external demand for change that is filled with fear and condemnation. Restoring a sense of purpose during life changes is a motivation to make change and find new ways of organizing even daily rhythm.


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