Kimberly Willard

Certified Peer Support Specialist


Homebase: Pierce/St. Croix, WI 


My ability to travel greater distances than an hour may depend on current caseload


Goal: Peer Support Provider promoting wellness and recovery to Individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders


I have been in the Healthcare field for more than 20yrs.  I'm proud to have served many different occupations in the helping community.  I have experience in group home management, assisted living communities, homeless shelters, chemical dependency units and currently a volunteer for the Eau Claire County District Attorney's office as a Victim Witness Crisis Responder. 


I went from being an educated professional businesswoman who had a successful career to a woman/mother who had debilitating depression. I found myself in a homeless shelter where I began my recovery of mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence. My struggles of poor self-image and low self-esteem are areas I continue to work on today. They will always be a part of me. I had to learn to let go of my old ways and open my heart to allow for a better me. It's extremely important for me to try to help someone where there was once no help for me. I found help in some of the same areas that the CCS program and Being Human Yoga has to offer. I didn’t learn in a typical clinic or hospital setting. My hope is to help people become healthy in their own environment where they can focus on their strengths not limitations. 

Self-empowerment, Strength, Dignity and Respect are key elements to a successful recovery.  I'm very down to earth and well rounded.  I don't judge and am willing to meet you where you are in your journey. I look forward to walking next to you on your path of wellness.


As CCS provider, I can assist in many areas of peer support, a few might be, arts and crafts for self-expression, social activities, walks and talks, listening, budgeting, employment assistance, goal setting and I'm a great resource for community connections.  As a Certified Peer Support Specialist, I look forward to helping you, help yourself.

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