Megan Adams

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Megan Adams-Yoga and Mindfulness

Home Base: Woodbury, MN

Serves St. Croix County

Service Arrays: Wellness Management and Individual Skills Development

I have had the privilege of working as a yoga instructor with Being Human for over a year, helping a variety of service recipients reach their short- and long-term wellness goals. Yoga is something that has been so much a part of me and my own wellbeing for over 15 years, and it brings me so much joy to share my passion for yoga with others who may benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally. The individuals whom I introduce to yoga are sometimes surprised to find that yoga, and my yoga sessions, are not what they initially thought. After my first experiences with yoga, I too was surprised to discover that yoga can be lighthearted. It can be fun. It can be inspiring and take hold of how you perceive the world around you, expanding well beyond just physical postures. While yoga can have great physical impacts on the body, it can have even greater influences on our overall well-being and our search for becoming the greatest version of ourselves. That is why I teach yoga - because I love helping individuals discover their own strength and capabilities within themselves.

Two years ago, it became clear to me that I not only wanted to be a student of yoga, but that I wanted to share yoga with the world as a teacher. I obtained my teaching certificates in the Spring of 2019, and have since worked in a variety of studios, in addition to working with individual clients. My students will describe me as non-intimidating, encouraging, and real. I value the importance of developing relationships with the clients and students I work with, just as much as teaching actual yoga techniques and philosophy. My work with students is very client-centered, and looks different with every individual according to need. Sometimes we journal on yoga related philosophy - concepts such as presence, gratitude, or non-attachment. Sometimes we listen to inspiring music while focusing on our breath. Sometimes we work our bodies by moving through powerful postures.

Prior to teaching yoga, I was a School Psychologist for seven years. My education in psychology and my experience helping kids and young adults of all ages with varying disabilities and mental health struggles have undoubtedly shaped my yoga teaching practice. A big part of my job while working as a School Psychologist was helping students to manage big emotions. While I didn’t realize it at the time, many of the strategies I taught students overlapped with yoga teaching principles. Taking deep breaths. Slowing down. Examining our thoughts and letting them go if they are not helpful. These are mindfulness strategies that continue to be important during my yoga sessions and also important in my own life as I maneuver a world that often seems chaotic and confusing.

When not teaching yoga, I am most likely taking care of my three kids. Together we enjoy family movie nights, going on nature walks, and trips to the library. When not on Mommy duty, I enjoy sipping my coffee in peace or playing card games with my husband.