Samantha Walker

Home Base: Hudson, WI

Can travel up to one hour from home base

Service Arrays: Certified Peer Specialist, Wellness Management and Recovery, Individual Skills Development

Samantha "Sam" Walker has a MS degree in Human Behavior, a BS in Community Psychology and minor in Psychology, certificates in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), IMR (Illness Management and Recovery), and Trauma Informed Care, Certified Peer Specialist, and Reiki.


In addition with her experience and education she is well versed in assessments, grief, trauma, cutting, substance abuse disorders, and Severe and Persistent Mental Illness. Through her education she meets qualifications for co-occurring disorders, personality disorders, and meets criteria as a Qualified Mental Health Professional.


She is Creative Director for "Our Turn Social Media" (a new social media site focusing on employment and education as a part of the social networking), is Creative Director for 21st Century Media, LLC which is a Production Company which films special interest documentaries, shorts, and feature films.  Sam also is a columnist contributor to ReBirth Magazine which is which is now a completely digital magazine.  She authors "Dear Black People" and a Parenting piece weekly- and any other assignments as they may be relevant. ReBirth Magazine is a Spiritual Based magazine which incorporates spiritual and Christian perspectives into everyday life.  Not all articles are Biblical in focus, however, many come from people spiritually grounded who will incorporate this into their articles. 


Sam is the product of an alcoholic parent and a mentally ill parent, who had detached-attachment parenting styles.  She is a survivor of many traumas, including Domestic Violence, Cyber Abuse/ Stalking, childhood, and has worked in trauma saturated environments to assist others in processing their own trauma.  She is a survivor of stage 2B breast cancer and is currently at year 1 of  her survivorship.  She understands homelessness, stability challenges, and other issues as a result of life circumstances and has overcome them herself within her childhood and young adult life due to her home life.  Her challenges have driven her to want to help others in various ways, understand how people's minds work, understand behavior, and has helped her become non-judgmental about people's life circumstances.  She has insight regarding various difficult life experiences and is empathetic to those who struggle as a result of these experiences. 


She is a mom of 4, loves spending time with her kids, her doggo (a Chihuahua named Cosmo), enjoying nature, watching movies, cooking healthy meals (and some just because they are yummy sometimes. She has a service minded heart and tries to help others as much as she can- loves her church family at Cornerstone.

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