Shaelin Hogenson

Mindful Wellness Coach


For about as long as I can remember, I always had a pencil in front of me. Doodling away on whatever I could find. I use my art as a way to express myself, as much as I use it as an escape for some time. In school, I helped work with the theatre department, helping out backstage with lighting, directing, and also painting sets, to further my experience with art, as well as hone in on my skills. Along with working backstage, i would also take part in the plays, as being on the stage allowed me to develop my own confidence. I also partook in cheerleading, as a way to work on my self esteem and confidence. I found joy in it, and moved up to captain within two years. It taught me how important working as a team really is.


Something that really drives me, is the urge to be there for others. I try to use my passions as a unique way to express myself. With art, I’ve discovered my own corner of happiness on the way to recovery. Healing is not easy, but with a passion for something, I’ve found it to be a lot easier to battle. Art helps me focus on my mindfulness skills, as well as express some important feelings during my healing process I may not have been able to do before. I try to use art to help myself, as well as others, to learn healthy ways to cope with things they are struggling with. It takes a lot of practice and many attempts of looking at the all sides of things, but through it all, I’ve learned to love my art, regardless of flaws or imperfections. Through my art, I have learned not only to love the things around me, but also to learn how to love myself. I’m still on the journey to healing, but I know that through passion, drive, and lots of happy songs, I can find a happy place in most any situation.



I have personal experience with substance abuse, past traumas, as well as mental health difficulties. I am the child of an alcoholic, and have been working towards my own personal substance problems. I’m also on the road to recovery from my own experiences with mental health problems. I know that someone’s sugar, might taste like salt to another, and we all handle things differently and go through situations differently. I also know that sometimes a hand is all we need.



In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing. I am in the process of my own little novel, as well as a long list of poetry I’ll never take out of the closet. I have a little studio in my house for my art. In between my hobbies, I can be found cuddling my cats, playing video games, or playing ‘Magic: the Gathering.



I work similarly to a peer supporter. I specialize in helping individuals to replace old and negative behavior patterns with new and more healthy options. Within that realm of possibilities I can support individuals in many ways. I am able to be support with basic life skills such as applying for jobs, filling out paperwork for benefits, school, etc. I can also help build social skills, be a listening ear, and help come up with healthy tools to navigate life's challenges. I am currently studying cognitive behavioral therapy and will be applying for my certified peer specialist certification in the Spring of 2019.


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