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Thomasina Fisk

Thomasina Fisk_Headshot 2019.jpg

Thomasina Fisk-Mind Body Mentor, Yoga teacher and Sound Meditation Facilitator

Home Base: Marine on St. Croix, MN

Willing to travel up to one hour from home base.

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery



Thomasina Fisk BS

Mind Body Mentor, Yoga teacher and Sound Meditation Facilitator


Thomasina  is a certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Women studies through the University of MN Duluth.  She is trained and practiced in sound meditation. Prior to teaching yoga and sound meditation she worked as a mental health case manager for many years. She is currently providing mind body techniques such as: mindful movement, yoga, emotional regulation, attention training, breathwork, sound meditation, voice and yoga nidra to children and adults. Thomasina also offers coping skills in creative expression through dancing, drumming, vocal toning and art. Recipients will also begin to explore sleep hygiene and nutrition as it pertains to their mental wellness. 


Thomasina assists her students in identifying barriers to recovery and stability. They learn to awaken the healer within themselves.  Through practice they are able to access coping tools they may need to move through and reduce symptoms. Students feel empowered and more confident knowing that they do not need to be ruled by their thoughts, emotions or symptoms related to a mental health diagnosis. They have the power to bring themselves back to a state of calm and presence. Recipients begin to understand which tools to use when and where. They learn to direct their attention to where they need and want it to go. This ability is one of our greatest assets.


Thomasina  personally uses each technique on a regular basis to regulate any fluctuations in her own mood and to assist her in quieting the mind. The techniques that make the cut are implemented into her teaching and mentoring programs. 


Thomasina's yoga teaching style focuses on the breath and quieting the mind.  Through gentle cuing she suggests that the practitioner hold the pose long enough to fully experience it in their body and connect with the breath. She teaches her students that the breath is a tool they will have with them always, even off the mat. The breathwork exercises are hand selected based on the need of the moment and the person practicing. All of the exercises are designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system quickly and efficiently. 


Thomasina uses sound meditation instruments as a component to bring the listener to a place where the body is relaxed and the mind is still. She suggests that this is the place where healing can begin.  Students learn to focus their attention on specific overtones, vibrations and notes created by the instruments.  The instruments chosen are designed to bring peace but also aid in any internal processing that a practitioner may choose to do. The practitioner will learn to witness, acknowledge and release, both thoughts and emotions, bringing their attention back to the breath and back to the sound around them.  

Instruments used often include: singing bowls, meditation chimes, shruti box and gong. 


Thomasina considers herself to be a guide and peer,  providing tools and a safe container for each practitioner to awaken the teacher and healer within themselves.  


Thomasina enjoys: listening to and playing music, spending time with family and friends, art, making jewelry, mushroom hunting, sunsets, traveling to the mountains/most road trips and a good netflix session when the time is right. 

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