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Teresa Biederman

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Teresa Biederman

Home Base: Eau Claire, WI

Willing to travel up to 75 Minutes 

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery



          My name is Teresa Biederman, I've been married for 12 years and have two great kids, a cat and a painted turtle.  I earned a degree from the University of Eau Claire, WI in History Education with minors in English and Geology.  I've had a variety of interesting jobs throughout my life, including developing and implementing fun educational activities as a Youth Activities Coordinator at the Museum of Industry and Technology.  I studied ceramics, wheel throwing and hand-building for 3 years.  I have many hobbies and like to practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

            I hope to use my life experience and knowledge for helping others, assisting people to create healthy boundaries in their own life, heal through self-care, establish good routines and hobbies that bring them joy. I think we all can become successful by creating the life we truly want to live!

            Techniques I use include honesty and individual integrity building.   I perform stress and anxiety management through creative outlets such as crafting and art, including (but not limited to) ceramic arts, fiber arts such as sewing, knitting and visible mending, as well as art journaling, drawing and poetry, tie dye fun and paper making.  I also love to make natural wreaths as well as rock carvings and sculptures in sandstone.    I am open minded and like to learn new things!

            Nature is very important to me and a constant source of wonder.  I am interested in local history and rock hunting for agates, driftwood or fossils, going on walks, and gardening.  Other techniques and routines around body-centered wellness include, healthy eating, fun creative cooking and nutrition, yoga, meditation and inner-child exploration, lymphatic massage and essential oils.  Of course, dancing and music are other ways to raise your vibration and have fun!

            I have a good sense of humor and am a lifelong learner who enjoys self-reflection and philosophical conversation.  I am an empathetic listener; my superpower is seeing the best in others and trying to help them see it also.  I hope to help others navigate their fears and find their authentic selves and joy for life. 

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