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Micheal Looney


Mentor-Youth and Adult/Family Education and Itervention

Home Base: Woodbury, MN

Willing to travel up to 60 min from home base.

Service arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery

Michael has a master’s degree in leadership and a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. He has been working in the human/social service field for about 12 years, ranging from corrections, mental health, crisis, and child welfare.  His was a social worker working in Early Intervention. In this work, he acted as a trainer, training social workers on how to recognize safety within the family, building partnerships with families, and how to create safety for children in the home. In this position, he also facilitated Family Group Decision Making meetings between families and the agencies to develop safety plans and renunciation plans for children to return home to parents or to establish other permanency options.  Most of his impactful work has been working has a mentor to at-risk boys and children in extended foster care.



Michael aims to connect with young people to help them discover purpose and overcome challenges they face in life. Michael uses a combined approach of evidence base and self-disclosure to help create a partnership for individuals to experience wellness. Michael attempts to be a side-by-side partner and believe he must walk the wellness journey with those he serves. He is motivated by overcoming his own personal challenges of poverty, trauma, abuse, and a lack of fatherhood, in efforts to empower others.


Michael is also a Certified Crisis Intervention Instructor. He helps teaches store leaders in retail, how to verbally des-escalate individuals who are in crisis. He has created training material for a major retailing company on safety response and how to handle escalated situations.


Michael enjoys playing basketball, working-out, and travel.  He enjoys spending time with his son, studying about ancient culture, and watching movies.

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