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Sara Nordgren


Sara Nordgren-Yoga/Youth and Adult Mentor

Home Base: Fountain City, WI

Willing to travel up to one hour from home base.

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery



Sara Nordgren

Yoga/Youth and Adult Mentor


Bachelors level yoga and mentoring professional. 

Hi! My name is Sara. I reside in Fountain City, Wisconsin with my fiancé, two dogs and two cats. I graduated from Winona State University in 2015 with a degree in Recreation Tourism with a nature-based focus. While I was in college, I completed a 230-hour yoga teacher training through The Yoga Center of Minneapolis. I continued my yoga education through The
Yoga Center of Minneapolis and completed a Meditation and Kida Yoga training as well. I have experience working with all ages in a variety of settings. Some roles I have held include serving those with developmental disabilities, event planning for the community, planning and
implementing outdoor kids programs, kitchen staff at a locally sourced coffeehouse and a yoga instructor. I have taught beginners yoga, adaptive yoga, intergenerational yoga, kids' yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama).

My work and life experiences have given me insight and understanding, which allows me to connect with each individual based on where they are at that day. Guiding each individual through a practice that allows them to move at their own pace. Knowing that each practice may be different depending on how that day is going and where their body is at for the day. I enjoy guiding others to slow down, breathe and just be. Inviting them to connect to a deeper part of themselves through that stillness, knowing that if they do not want to go there that day, that is okay.

Reminding others of their inner strength and courage, while helping them build confidence is something I am passionate about. I work to encourage individuals to trust themselves, set healthy boundaries and explore ways to release things that are no longer serving them. This allows for new pathways towards growth, healing and connection with the self. I invite each individual to connect with the things that bring joy to their lives and work to find ways they can sprinkle those bits of joy into each and every day.

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation and connecting to the breath are something I love to explore in new ways. Giving each individual tools that can be utilized at any point in the day to assist with emotional regulation, grounding and overall body and mind wellness. In addition, I enjoy
using everyday life experiences as a way to connect with the body and mind and find nature can be extra helpful as well. Utilizing all types of arts & crafts, dance, singing, essential oils and cooking as a form of mindfulness and healing. Anything and everything that allows the creativity to flow and grounds the soul.

I love spending time in nature and have found it has helped me with my own healing journey. Other hobbies include foraging for berries and mushrooms, hunting for all types of rocks-especially agates, art and anything that allows me to be creative, hiking, dancing, reading,
gardening, working in the kitchen and hanging out with my pets. And as a recreation and leisure major..... I love to PLAY!

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