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Margie Ann Goin

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Margie Ann Goin-Therapeutic Art/Youth and Adult Mentor

Home Base: Lake Wissota, WI

Willing to travel up to one hour from home base.

Service Arrays: Individual Skills Development, Wellness Management and Recovery



Margie Ann Goin

Therapeutic Art/Youth and Adult Mentor


Paraprofessional-Youth and Adult Mentor, Therapeutic Artist/crafter/maker- Specializing in mentorship, mediation, therapeutic art techniques and crisis intervention.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a diverse population of at-risk individuals possessing a range of unique needs, often meeting these individuals at a pivotal or vulnerable point in their lives. Working 9+ years within the mental health sector, I became adaptable and learned many facets and techniques of mental health treatment. I was able to incorporate this experience along with 30 years of ever growing creative and artistic skills to aid individuals in learning life skills and coping mechanisms through creative expression.

I am responsible for coordinating group and individual art therapy clubs sessions, craft sessions and various interesting activities with a main goal of having fun and being extensive. I have found a great sense of joy witnessing the positive effects that creative therapeutic activity brings.


The healing power of artistic expression and sense of accomplishment it insights in others is a driving force for me to want to assist those in finding or awakening their interests and passions. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with-in a creative and artistic therapeutic experience. I put thought and consideration into coordinating stimulating, fun and practical art projects a person can gain real-life skills from.


My personal experience lies mainly with art/creations and mental health, but I also enjoy studying the natural world and experiencing the sights of nature. I enjoy hiking and utilizing nature as a muse to aid in the creative flow process. I try to incorporate nature into art sessions as often as possible.


Listed below are most of the artistic areas I am knowledgeable in as well as some personal interests. I would also like to mention that I am always learning new artistic forms of therapeutic expression: (Please note this list is constantly being updated and I am always open to learning new things for the sake of fun and art.)

*Painting (acrylic, water color, glass paint, fabric paint) * Fiber art (tie dying, sewing, macramé, crocheting, clothing designing/upcycling, fleece tie blankets) * Paper making * Beeswax candle making * Sculpting- modeling clay, polymer clay * Jewelry making (beading, wire wrapping, friendship bracelets) *Origami * Drawing (graphite pencil, marker, colored pencil) * Wood burning * Letter stamping * Calligraphy * Writing poetry * Wreath making * Floral arranging * Gardening * Rock hunting/ Geology * Nature Discovery and plant identification * Making terrarium planters * Hiking.

More than artistic experience I also have several years of mentoring, mediating, problem solving, crisis intervention and supervisory experience. My goal is to aid as many as I can in finding their creative depths using therapeutic art techniques, communication, kindness, acceptance and encouragement. Most of all I consider myself to be a deeply caring person, with creative passion and genuine desire to share my artistic therapeutic knowledge with others.

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